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His Destiny

“Get the hell out of my house and don’t even think about coming back once your whore tires of your ass!”

He left quickly like a​ little weasel. I sat in darkness in the living room for the remainder of the evening, eventually crying myself to sleep. When I awoke the next ​morning, it hit me again that my husband had left me for another woman. So many thoughts and emotions ran through my mind. Did he ever really love me or had he just settled because we had seemingly been compatible?

It was Saturday and I was relieved. I could hide for the rest of the weekend and try to pull myself together before facing anyone at work on Monday. I didn’t answer the phone all day and called only certain people back the following day. I spent the weekend going over my whole relationship with Oscar from dating to marriage until noticing a change in him.

I didn’t want to be that bitter woman that would hate all men because of my unfortunate outcome with one loser. I went to work Monday and played off my weekend as being rather uneventful. All day I felt like a zombie, just going through the motions. I was kind​ of quiet and a couple of coworkers as if I was alright. It was then I lost it and ran to the bathroom. The girls followed me in. I didn’t want all my news being spread around the office, so I told them I lost someone dear to me over the weekend, and left it at that. It wasn’t a lie. I lost my husband. They just didn’t need to know all my personal business.


Innocence Lost

One night I noticed one man in particular received much attention. I was curious to know why and clicked on his cam. I immediately blushed but couldn’t or wouldn’t allow myself to click out. He was a beautifully toned dark skinned man with dreads. I felt myself get moist as I was a voyeur watching his cam. He was putting on a show for the ladies. As I watched him my mind drifted and I entered his place and space. I became less ashamed of myself as I watched him and pictured myself being intimate with a complete stranger that made me feel so warm and invited. I let my mind continue the fantasy of being with him with no one watching us. I started getting aroused. My fantasy was interrupted within mere minutes when I received a private message from him.


Red Light Special

Kingsley was as passionate about sex as he was with photography. He pleased me orally like I had never been pleased before. It was another first for me. I climaxed multiple times before he had penetrated me with his penis. His mouth, lips and tongue were all over my clit for an extreme amount of time. I quivered with each touch. When he finally did enter me, my whole body trembled. We rode the waves of the waterbed perfectly. I moaned quietly. Kingsley gave me the red light special as he called it. I didn’t ask or need any explanation. I was too busy enjoying every damn thing the man was doing to me.